Combining strong, modern lines with softened angles and curves, the Olympia High Rise Pull Out sink mixer is unmistakeably on-trend and designed to impress. Featuring the latest in colour-application technology, Olympia is available in our stunning new Brushed Copper PVD finish, as well as Brushed Gunmetal, Brushed Nickel and Chrome.

The Olympia High Rise Pull Out Sink Mixer features our unique on/off push button controller. This allows you to easily turn the water on and off for short periods without having to operate the lever**. Ideal for when rinsing out the sink, rinsing dishes, or washing vegetables.  Also great when you have dirty hands the push button can be easily operated by your elbow or back of your hand.

With a full selection of Plumbingware products for your bathroom and kitchen, the Olympia range is ideal for all new builds, and modern bathroom or kitchen refits.

** NB: The push button ON/OFF controller on the handpiece is designed to be switched to the OFF position for short periods of use whilst the sink is being used, and should not be used as an ON/OFF controller for extended periods, and/or whilst the sink mixer is not in use.

The Hot/Cold mixer lever should not be left in the OPEN position for extended periods with the handpiece control set to OFF, as the sustained water pressure could cause the pullout hose between the mixer and the handpiece to rupture.

Always return the Hot/Cold mixer lever to the CLOSED position, and the Push button to the ON position when you have finished using the sink mixer.